Parent’s Name: Mr. Bhoomeshwaraiah

Children’s Name & Age: Shubha (8 Years) and Hamsalekha (11 Years)
Village: Bada
District: Davangere
State: Karnataka

My daughters used to fumble while reading. Even after teaching them ten times, they did not understand. I even tried becoming strict but still there was no improvement and they used to forget everything.

As I am a priest, I have helped many families in our locality for performing various kinds of prayers, conduct marriage etc. So, I tried teaching my children slokas (Sanskrit verses) and thought it would help them but that approach also did not work. Finally, we tried Saral Education and it created a big difference in my children’s life.

The children found it easy to follow their guidelines and recommendations such as facing a particular direction while reading and writing. In the first exam they appeared in after adopting Saral Education, both of them exceeded our expectation! The younger one scored 93% and elder one 77%!

We all are very happy with the overall improvement and performance in exams.