Parent’s Name: Mr. Pakkirswamy

Children’s Name & Age: : Kavya (12 Years)
Village: Kalasuru
District: Haveri
State: Karnataka

My elder daughter Kavya was really struggling with her studies when she was in class 6th. She could not read or remember anything, she could not write anything and was completely disinterested in studies. I tried everything to help her but nothing was working. Her school Teachers were also worried because she did not respond to them in class properly. Many a times, she started crying when asked about something. We were emotionally shattered and hurt with all these challenges. I was almost on the verge of getting my daughter voluntarily drop-out of school.

My wife watched about Saral Education on television and said that we must not lose hope and try everything we can. Initially, I was not ready because I thought it was just another money making trick. But my wife insisted and we went ahead with it. We understood the Direction science behind their concept and could see the huge difference in Kavya’s performance in studies once she started following their guidelines.

Apart from studies, she recently participated in an essay writing competition as well. Earlier, my wife used to have a tough time in waking up Kavya during exams. Nowadays, it has become natural for Kavya to wake up early in the morning and study on her own!

There is a lot of happiness and co-operation in the family now and my wife says that she and Kavya are more like friends. We are grateful to Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji for this transformation.