Parent’s Name: Mr. Venkatesh Kamath

Children’s Name & Age: Shrilakshmi (16 Years)
Village: Baddagatte
District: Dakshina Kannada
State: Karnataka

I studied but could never utilize my knowledge in life and so I wanted my two children to study well and get a good job where they can apply what they learn. When we were in our old house, my elder daughter used to score 50-60% marks and the younger one scored around 40% in aggregate. I was highly worried thinking what can I do to improve them. My biggest fear was that they might end up in a difficult situation like me.

My sister, who had already experienced their services and positive outcomes, suggested me to adopt Saral Education. Based on their scientific concept, we made up our mind to follow their guidelines while building our new house. In a short span of time, we could see a change in our children’s behavior. The elder one, from being an average student, is now among the top performers in her class scoring 97.5% in her last exam!

My younger daughter, apart from being very weak in her studies, was also very careless. For the whole day she used to roam around the house without studying. This year she scored 85%!

We are so relieved and stress free now to see them so confident of their own capabilities. They study by themselves, without our pressure or tuition. They say, “Give us the money that you have budgeted for our tuition, we will do savings from that and study by ourselves!”
They are happy and we are also happy. I thank Dr. Chandrashekhar Guruji from the bottom of my heart!