Good Education Starts From Within Our Place Of
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About Guruji

Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji is a modern guru, philanthropist, and Samaritan, who has served the society through social causes and humanitarian initiatives. His work is inspiring and profound, while his public speech captivates people from all walks of life. With a life of simplicity, humility, extraordinary charity and devotion, Guruji lives in the hearts of many people, who look up to him as an exemplary human being.

With a desire to transform our society and remove evils from it, Guruji envisioned to make this world a better place to live in. Despite making a successful career in the construction industry, with a degree in civil engineering he was prompted to work for humanitarian causes and public welfare. While working for the betterment and upliftment of society, he reinvented ancient science of Vastu Shastra and introduced a unique and scientific concept of Saral Vaastu.

With a zeal and passion to dedicate his life for the nation, Guruji had been through a dilemma during his childhood as to which path he should adopt to serve his nation. At the age of 16, he expressed his desire to his father; however he did not receive any positive response. He went through the army selection process after his secondary school and got a setback when he got rejected during the physical examination due to his being underweight. However, his determination and compassion did not deter him from his goal and he moved ahead in his life and continued his further education. Unlike most of the people, who only think about themselves, he was selfless and always thought about others. It was rare for a person of his age to think about the nation.

After graduating in civil engineering he came to Mumbai with a small amount of money in his pocket but big dreams in his mind. He got a job in the construction company dedicatedly worked for almost 2 years. With experience and immense confidence, he started his own business and earned success, glory and prosperity within no time. However he was destined for better and great things in this world.

Guruji’s Vision

Guruji's vision and mission has been to transform the lives of millions and millions of people through ‘Manav Abhivruddhi Abhiyan’ (Mission of Manav Abhivruddhi) and help them lead a contented, meaningful and happy life.

Path of Enlightenment and Birth of Saral Vastu

During the year 1997, Guruji happened to visit Tata Memorial Hospital to see one of his friends suffering from blood cancer. During his visit to the hospital he met some children, who were suffering from cancer. The entire scene was very heart-jolting and it was a difficult task to control ones emotions. His mind was filled with compassion for them. He was not able to accept the fact that these innocent children at such a tender age had to suffer from so much pain and distress.

While these thoughts were revolving in his mind, he went through financial losses in his business. He failed to understand, why he had to suffer losses, despite being honest and transparent in his dealings and was prompted to go deeper in understanding the reason behind it. He started getting dreams of a compass and the structure plans repeatedly. With an engineering background, he could interpret the significance of the compass and the plans in his dream. His intuition guided him that rather than finding faults with others for the losses, he should find the faults in his home and workplace itself. Guruji then began to explore his house and workplace and further delve into the concept of Vastu Shastra. He then visited number of villages to study and research why our ancestors used to construct houses in rectangular and square manner. They never constructed structures in irregular shapes. Since recent years, he had been wondering why people were dismantling the structures and spending lakhs of rupees in the name of Vastu Shastra. Was it necessary? Finally, he came up with a unique science based on the ancient culture that could also help to connect with the natural energy in this Universe. He reinvented ancient Vastu Shastra and named it as ‘Saral Vastu’ in the year 2000. Saral means ‘simple’ without any structural changes and can be adopted easily.

He first adopted the science in his house and workplace and experienced positive results in his own life. Guruji could then conclude that the root cause of the life-related problems lies in the home and the workplace itself. In between 2000-2002, his close friends asked him about Saral Vaastu. They also showed interest to experience this unique science. Guruji helped them adopt Saral Vaastu and they too began to experience positive results.

Subsequently, Guruji got strong intuitions that his life and this unique science is not meant for him but for the society at large. He saw that majority of the people in this world are suffering from various life related problems pertaining to education, career, marriage, property, wealth, health etc. He was filled with compassion for them and wanted to help them lead a better and happy life with his unique science. Guruji then decided to transfer his knowledge to the people, who could join his mission to work for the betterment of the mankind.

At this point of time he realised that God has gifted him with an extraordinary knowledge to serve people globally. He could link this realisation with the past experience in 1997, of meeting the cancer patients in pain and why God had sent them on this earth. Soon he realised that with the help of this unique science, people suffering from health issues including major diseases like cancer were cured. The questions that arose in his mind way back in 1997 finally got answered now.

What is Saral Vaastu?

Saral Vaastu is a redefined form of ancient Vastu Shastra with a unique and scientific approach to connect people with the natural energies in this Universe through the use of favourable directions. It is a 'fine art of happy living in harmony with the environment.”

By implementing Saral Vaastu in your rental or owned property (home or office), you can attain happiness in all spheres of your life. The results could be seen within a span of 7 to 180 days.

How is Saral Vastu different from other Vastu?

With 18 years of extensive research supported by case studies of people who implemented Saral Vaastu, Guruji redefined Vastu Shastra and conceptualized “Saral Vastu”. It is purely based on the four pillars of Direction Science, Structure Science, Energy Science and Chakra Science that links you with the natural energies of the Universe.

The other system of Vastu have fixed frame and only considers the North and East as the auspicious directions, suggest not to go for West and South facing directions. North East is fixed for Puja room, South East for Kitchen and South West for bedroom. If such is the condition then why a father and son living in the same house have different life experiences? The father does well in his career and is successful however the son struggles in his profession and becomes a complete failure. As per Saral Vastu every individual is connected with eight directions, of which only four directions are helpful to connect with natural energy in the universe.

We spend most of our times at our home and workplace. As per Saral Vaastu, a harmony in energy needs to be maintained in every sector or segment of the house. This is because each segment of the house represents a particular sphere of life like education, career, relation, property, wealth, health. Any imbalance in any of these segments would consequently impact the related sphere of life. Maintaining a balance in energy also activates the relevant chakras in turn benefitting the concerned life related spheres like health, wealth, business, education, career and relationship.

There have been several misconceptions surrounding Vastu, and a lack of awareness of how it can be used to benefit people suffering from various life-related problems. Saral Vastu does not advise any remedial measures involving investing of your hard earned money on offerings such as pujas for Vastu shanti, restructuring, breakages or renovations of the complete house. Also, as per Saral Vastu, there is no connection of death with the Vastu positioning of your house. The beauty of Saral Vaastu lies in the fact you can connect with the natural energy and activate your seven chakras without making any changes in your daily routine. All you need to do is adopt favourable directions in your lifestyle and the results could be seen within a few days, unlike yoga and meditation, where you need to make significant lifestyle changes.

Saral Vastu is a fine art of living happily by changing energies in the nature. This scientific and modernized concept of Saral Vastu enables us to bathe in the loving energy around us and rekindle our relationship with the Universe.

Saral Vaastu – Redefined Vastu Shastra

A redefined form of ancient Vastu Shastra with a unique scientific approach that allows you to connect with natural energies in the universe.

How is it different?

It makes you connect with natural energies in the universe through four great Directions Science, Structer Science, Energy Science, and Chakras Science.

Other Vastu theory

Have a fixed frame like kitchen in south east, puja room in north east etc.

Saral Vaastu theory

Make use of favourable direction to bring a positive change in your life.

Saral Vastu – Global Outreach

In the year 2000, Guruji decided to spread his knowledge of Saral Vaastu and let its benefits reach the people at large. He began his journey of propagating his unique knowledge with just six people. They would travel across different cities, towns and villages to create awareness about Saral Vaastu. As people began to experience the benefit of Saral Vaastu, more and more people joined hands with Guruji to spread this concept of healthy living. Guruji’s parivar soon grew in leaps and bounds and has now crossed over 2000 members also referred as ‘parivarians’. This eventually led to the formation of a company, CG Parivar.

‘Saral Vaastu’ has now become a simple, easy-to-adopt solution to life-related problems for many and a clear path to achieving happiness in all spheres of life be it education, career, relationship, property, health or wealth.

Philanthropic Initiatives

To follow his vision on 'Betterment of Mankind' and create meaningful impact in the lives of less privileged, he adopted a village with over 600 houses in Karnataka. The intent was to make the village a ‘Jeevan Samasya Mukta Grama’ (Progressive village – free from all life problems). Guruji has ensured that the entire village becomes a positive source and a model village in less than 6 months where the entire community has progressed across health, wealth, relations, social front.

In a similar way, Guruji has envisioned to launch seven different services connecting to our life-cycle like Saral Education, Saral Career, Saral Marriage, Saral Property, Saral Business, Saral Health, Saral Krushi and serve people with a happy living across the world.


From a young and dynamic Chandrashekhar till his transformation as a philanthropist, guide, mentor & Guruji to the mankind, he has worked relentlessly to realize his dream. He has adopted these five principles in his life which have led to making him the human being that he is today.

  1. Don’t cheat anybody in your life

    Leading a life with honesty is like a detox for the soul. People who religiously practice this are highly successful in everything that they do in personal as well as professional life.

  2. Be humble even though you reach any elevated position

    You may have reached the pinnacle of success, but it is very important to be always grounded and be your own self. This will ensure to bring in fame and also the desired support from people around you.

  3. Keep your parents always happy & seek blessings from them It is aptly said that “to care for the ones, who cared for us is one of the highest honours” – Tia Walker. By taking care of your creators (parents), sustained happiness, prosperity, and success are blessed on oneself and their family.
  4. Do help the needy people

    Abundance is attracted by giving selfless love and support and especially if done to the needy people, it further enhances the abundance.

  5. Be happy, to make others happy

    Happiness starts from within our place of stay and workplace and hence it is important to ensure internal happiness which will enable to keep others happy.