Saral Four Sciences(S4S)

Direction Science

All across the cosmos or the universe, starting from the planet Earth to outer space, solar system, interstellar space and galaxies there is a presence of natural energies. We are all connected to this cosmic energy right from the time we are born. No sooner do we take birth than we get associated with eight directions. Out of these eight directions, only four of them can help us connect with this all-pervading cosmic energy. The remaining four directions do not help us connect with it.

Direction Sciences suggests that the power of our thoughts and the quality of our imagination gets influenced by the directions we face in our day-to-day life. When we face those four directions that help us connect with the cosmic energy we are bound to be more receptive and focused on learning and acquisition of knowledge. On the other hand, if we face those directions that are irrelevant to the universal energy then we may become less receptive. The concentration may get impaired and we may not be able to get an immaculate conception of the subject leading to misconception and ambiguity.

The power of thoughts and quality of imagination is influenced by the direction we face. If we knowingly or unknowingly follow the four directions that are relevant to the universal energy we would be able to get better results in educational pursuits. In case of other four directions the power of thought and the depth of the imagination may not be so intense and effective. There could be some hurdles in pursuing academic education and pursuit of knowledge. If this universal energy is rightly invoked through the four directions that support it, the pursuit of education would become hassle-free, without any intervention of external factors.

Structure Science

Structure is the framework across which a house or a place of learning like a school or a college or a university is built. Our brain is sensitive to the position, direction and orientation of the space around us. If the structure of the place we reside or study is not in sync with the energies of our body it may impair our ability to concentrate or learn any concept.

Every house or place of studying has a segment known as ‘Vidya Sthan’ or ‘Education Place’. If this segment is blocked due to position of bathroom or toilet, educational issues may start coming up.

When all the above points are considered there is a positive flow of energy across the house or the place of learning that helps you to be more receptive and focused on your education pursuits.

Energy Science

The universe is filled with energies of various wavelengths and intensities. We tend to connect with those energies that match our wavelength and frequency. The energies that empower us with positive emotions and feelings like happiness, joy, contentment and peace are positive energies, while those that subdue us with depression, anger, resentment and other negative feelings are known as negative energies. There are certain factors in our surrounding that may cause emanation of positive energies and negative energies respectively. When there is flow of positive energy across the home or place of learning the concentration would be enhanced and the mind would become more receptive to learning and acceptance of new concepts. On the contrary when there is a flow of negative energy in the environment, it could lead to impaired concentration, confusion, misconception or ambiguity in learning or grasping new concept and ideas. Energy science looks into all these factors and guides us with ways to consolidate the ones that lead to the flow of positive energy and do away with those that cause the flow of negative energies in the surroundings.

Chakra Science

Chakra science deals with the seven chakras or energy centres across our body. Each chakra is associated with a particular part of a body and is responsible for the mood, behaviour and overall health. When these energy centres becomes non-responsive we begin to experience negative emotions like depression, lack of motivation, lack of concentration, low self-esteem etc. However, if the chakras work in the right order and get activated, our body gets energised with positive and harmonious energy. This enhances learning and concentration in education and academic pursuits.